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OPM-11 Guidance for Remote Pilots

DOI OPM-11 remains a core policy for UAS Operations.  This policy was updated by OAS on January 1, 2020. 

Flight Proficiency and Currency

The January 2020 update contains new definitions for flight proficiency and currency with regard to the "90 day" rule.  

Flight Proficiency:  Remote Pilots must demonstrate three takeoffs (launch) and landings (recovery) with the UAS they are approved to operate within the preceding 90 days.

Flight Currency:  Remote Pilots are required to fly each of the aircraft for which they are carded at least once every 12 months or the interval specified on their OAS-30U.  

Check OPM-11 section 19 for more information.

Special Government Interest Waivers

SGI waivers are required for UAS operations inside a TFR.  Contact the UAS Coordinator for assistance with waiver coordination through the FAA.