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Are you prepared for the 2022 Season?  

Information: Several RPs have reported problems in IQCS with UASP qualifications.  Many are missing the triennial RT-373 requirement.  Please check the UASP Position Qualification Requirements from the NWCG website for more information.  The 2021 edition of RT-373 is available on the Wildland Fire Learning Portal, and the 2022 version should be available soon.  

PMS 515 is updated - please review it!

Before any flight, have you:

Checked your Pilot Currency? (eg:  Part 107, A-452R, RT373;  Carded, Proficient, and Current on aircraft and mission profile (ELOS/BVLOS) per Agency/Departmental Policy)     

Checked your Aircraft status?  (eg: Inspection and 36U)

Confirmed your Authorization?  (eg:  Approved PASP/MASP, familiar with PMS 515 procedures and policy; notifications made)

Coordinated your Airspace Clearance?  (Do you need a NOTAM or SGI? What FAA provisions or agreement are you flying under?)


Reminder:  IA-IB 21-07 has relevant information for IMTs on UAS Operations


OPM-11 Guidance for Remote Pilots

DOI OPM-11 remains a core policy for UAS Operations.  This policy was updated by OAS on January 1, 2022. 

Flight Proficiency and Currency

OAS Proficiency Waiver - Issued on 3/12/2021, outlined instructions for regaining proficiency and currency with allowances for COVID mitigation.  This waiver has expiredOPM-11 Section 19 Rules are in effect.    

RPs should pay special attention to definitions for flight currency and flight proficiency.     

Flight Proficiency:   Remote Pilots must demonstrate three takeoffs (launch) and landings (recovery) with the UAS they are approved to operate within the preceding 90 days.

Flight Currency:   Remote Pilots are required to fly each of the aircraft for which they are carded at least once every 12 months or the interval specified on their OAS-30U.  

Check OPM-11 section 19 for more information.


2021 Agency-FAA Certificates of Authorization

NOTAMs and Airspace

Special Government Interest Waivers

SGI waivers are required for UAS operations inside a TFR.  Contact the UAS Coordinator for assistance with waiver coordination through the FAA. 

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