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Training and Certification Process

UAS Training and Certification Process

This Training and Certification Process document outlines a roadmap for certification as a remote pilot.  The intended audience is for USFS personnel, but the same general workflow applies to DOI employees.  

Qualifications and the OAS-30U Certificate

UASP qualifications are listed on the OAS 30U.  This certificate lists:

  • The Make, Model and configuration of each aircraft the remote pilot is qualified to fly
  • Interagency Incident Qualifications
  • 30U Issue and Expiration dates
  • Any special GCS qualifications


ELOS/BVLOS Qualification

Extended Line of Sight (ELOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) are important evolutions for the Interagency UAS community and are privileges granted through the FAA in collaboration with the DOI and USFS.  Specialized training and certification are required for ELOS/BVLOS.  The curriculum and forms for this training is available on the Interagency ELOS/BVLOS Sharepoint Site.  


ELOS/BVLOS training can be conducted in one of two ways:  As a component of S-373, or as a standalone course.  Each method involves classroom instruction, documentation in IAT for A-456, and completion of flight exercises.     

Remote pilots who are interested in ELOS/BVLOS as a standalone course should contact their local aviation and UAS program leadership to arrange training.  All classroom instruction and flight exercises are outlined on the ELOS/BVLOS Sharepoint site.    

Remote pilots who receive ELOS/BVLOS training in S-373 are given provisional status as a trainee while they complete their UASP position task book.  Trainees should notify their local aviation and UAS program leadership that they require an ELOS/BVLOS flight evaluation to coincide with final evaluation of their UASP task book.  The process for final evaluation is as follows:

  • UASP Trainees must complete the Blanket COA quiz (available from the ELOS/BVLOS Sharepoint Site)
  • The UASP trainee will be partnered with a qualified ELOS/BVLOS Flight Evaluator to complete the final assessment, preferably on assignment. 
  • The Flight Evaluator will complete the BVLOS/ELOS Training Form 
  • Students report the flights via 2U (DOI) or Alaris Pro (USFS) nothing that the flights were in support of ELOS/BVLOS training.
  • Upon satisfactory knowledge and performance, Flight Evaluators will recommend BVLOS/ELOS qualification to a Flight Instructor for the appropriate agency in coordination with that agency's UAS program leadership.
  • Flight instructors will forward all appropriate documentation to OAS for records management.   

 OAS provides updated 30U cards upon completion of all steps.  


Aerial Ignition Qualification   

Aerial Ignition trainees should coordinate with their agency's UAS program leadership for final evaluation and qualification.