UAS Ordering

Interagency Fire UAS Ordering – 2/2/2022

UAS Coordinator

There is an on-call UAS Coordinator available to answer questions regarding UAS capabilities and to help determine the type of UAS (1-4) and UAS positions (UASP, UASD, UASM, or UASL) to order.

The UAS Coordinator can be reached @ 208-387-5335

The purpose of this position is to provide information to decision makers/ordering units. Prioritization of UAS resources is beyond the scope of this position and should be performed in accordance with established local/GACC/national procedures.  Please contact the UAS Coordinator if you have any questions on systems or the ordering process.  

Guidelines and Notes for UAS Ordering

  • UAS personnel are in high demand. Please order trainees when approved/possible to help build the future capacity of the interagency UAS program.
  • Cooperators wishing to fly UAS on federally managed incidents must have a Cooperator letter issued by DOI or USFS.
  • For RX Fire UAS Operations (including Aerial Ignition) please call the UAS Coordinator as outlined below.

Federal UAS ordering scenarios:

  1. Agency UAS for situational awareness/IR/mapping
  2. Agency UAS for aerial ignition
  3. CWN contract UAS for large fire

More information about UAS Typing and available aircraft is available from the Systems page 



Agency UAS for Situational Awareness/IR/Small Area Mapping

(UAS Type 3 or 4)

  • Place the below orders through your respective dispatch/ordering unit: 
    • UASP
    • UASD (if a geospatial product such as fire perimeter/area or orthomosaic is desired)


  • Ordering Instructions     
    • In the Special Needs section, state agency Type 3 or 4 with desired capabilities.
      • Example: Need Type 3 UAS with EO and IR capabilities.
    • There is no need to place a separate order for the UAS (aircraft order). UASPs are equipped with agency UAS.

Available Type 3 and 4 UAS:



Agency UAS for Aerial Ignition

(UAS Type 3)

  • Place the below orders through your respective dispatch/ordering unit:
    • Unmanned Aircraft - Rotorwing - Type 3


  • Ordering Instructions
    • In the Special Needs section, note:
      • Type 3 with Aerial Ignition PSD Machine and IR/EO Camera Sensor
      • Other small UAS, sensors, support equipment (trailer), cell phone, tablets, televisions, laptops authorized
      • Large SUV, off road capable rental vehicle or NERV large SUV, off road capable vehicle authorized.
      • Trainees authorized  


  • Aerial Ignition Type 3 UAS are also capable of Situational Awareness/IR/Small Area Mapping missions.
  • There is no need to place a separate order for the UASPs. Order will be filled with 2 UAS Aerial Ignition Remote Pilots.    



Call When Needed Contract UAS

(Type 1 or 2)

  • CWN UAS are a national resource and must be ordered through the NICC Aircraft Desk. 
  • Order either Unmanned Aircraft, Fixed Wing Type 1 or Fixed Wing Type 2.

There is no need to place a separate order for the UAS overhead. UAS Overhead (UAS Manager and UAS Data Specialist) are ordered as subordinates to the A number.