UAS Ordering

Interagency Fire UAS Ordering – 5/7/2021


Best Practices for Ordering

There is an on-call UAS Coordinator available to answer questions regarding UAS capabilities and to help determine the type of UAS (1-4) and overhead (UASP, UASD, UASM, or UASL) to order.


  • UAS personnel are in high demand. Please order trainees when approved/possible.
  • Cooperators wishing to fly UAS on federally managed incidents must have a Cooperator letter issued by DOI or USFS.
  • For RX Fire UAS Operations (including Aerial Ignition) please call the UAS Coordinator as outlined below.

The UAS Coordinator can be reached @ 208-387-5335. The purpose of this position is to provide information to decision makers/ordering units. Prioritization of UAS resources is beyond the scope of this position and should be performed in accordance with established local/GACC/national procedures.

There are three federal UAS ordering scenarios:

  1. Agency UAS for situational awareness/IR/mapping
  2. Agency UAS for aerial ignition
  3. CWN contract UAS for large fire


Agency UAS for Situational Awareness/IR/Small Area Mapping (Type 3 or 4)

  • Order UASP.
  • Order a UASD if a geospatial product such as fire perimeter/area or orthomosaic is desired.
  • In the Special Needs section, state agency Type 3 or 4 with desired capabilities.
  • There is no need to order the UAS (aircraft order). UASPs are equipped with agency UAS.


Agency UAS for Aerial Ignition (Type 3)

  • Order an Unmanned Aircraft - Rotorwing - Type 3
  • In the Special Needs section, note:
    • DJI M600 with Ignis 2.0 PSD Machine and XT2 Zenmuse IR/EO Camera Sensor
    • Other small UAS, sensors, support equipment (trailer), cell phone, tablets, televisions, laptops authorized
    • Large SUV, off road capable rental vehicle or NERV large SUV, off road capable vehicle authorized.
    • Trainees authorized  
  • Aerial Ignition Type 3 is capable of Situational Awareness/IR/Small Area Mapping missions.
  • Order will be filled with 2 UAS Aerial Ignition Remote Pilots.    


Call When Need Contract UAS (Type 1 or 2)

  • CWN UAS are a national resource and must be ordered through the NICC Aircraft Desk. 
  • Order either Unmanned Aircraft, Fixed Wing Type 1 or Fixed Wing Type 2.
  • Order UAS Overhead 
    • UAS Manager (UASM)  
    • UAS Data Specialist (UASD)
  • UASM and UASD are overhead orders and cannot be subordinate to the A# generated by the aircraft order.