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UASM Toolbox

Resources for UAS Managers on Incidents.  This page is continually updated as new information becomes available.  

Last Update: 7/21/2021 JM

7/21/2021 - Note for CWN Assignments:  UAS and Aviation Leadership are re-emphasizing the necessity for a deliberate, conservative approach to aviation operations in 2021.  As a team, we must focus on safe and effective employment of UAS on incidents, including staying within system capabilities, upholding the airspace coordination standards we have in place, and maximizing the strengths of UAS sensors, platforms, and personnel.  CWN UAS operations will likely shift to periods where no other aircraft are over incidents.  Manager and Data Specialists should plan for real-time and near real-time intelligence with the gimballed sensor to be the focus of CWN employment.  Orthoimagery products may still be provided, but these should be a secondary focus and collected only when the situation and/or operational tempo are conducive for safe and effective acquisition. 

Mission Planning






Special Government Interest Waivers (SGI)

Lessons Learned

Miscellaneous Job Aids

Notes (7/2/2020):  

  • The typical SGI request process is designed for UAS weighing < 55lbs.  Some of the CWN aircraft have a gross weight well above this and require an A (Amendment)-COA as opposed to an SGI.  
  • There is no A-COA request form.  We have been instructed by SOSC to use the SGI form until further notice.  
  • A-COA and SGI need to be submitted as separate requests.
  • There can only be one TFR/Fire per SGI or A-COA request.
Bottom Line:
  1. UASM will notify the UAS Coordinator when UAS >55 lbs will be utilized. 
  2. UASM will email completed SGI form to UAS Coordinator.
  3. UAS Coordinator will email SGI form and the DOI/FAA BVLOS MOA to SOSC.
  4. UAS Coordinator will add the text "This is an A-COA request" to the SOSC email.
Intentions must be clearly communicated to avoid confusion.
Contact the UAS coordinator if you need additional information.