UASM Toolbox

Resources for UAS Managers on Incidents.  This page is continually updated as new information becomes available.  


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Special Government Interest Waivers (SGI)

Approved SGI

Miscellaneous Job Aids

Notes (7/2/2020):  

  • The typical SGI request process is designed for UAS weighing < 55lbs.  Some of the CWN aircraft have a gross weight well above this and require an A (Amendment)-COA as opposed to an SGI.  
  • There is no A-COA request form.  We have been instructed by SOSC to use the SGI form until further notice.  
  • A-COA and SGI need to be submitted as separate requests.
  • There can only be one TFR/Fire per SGI or A-COA request.
Bottom Line:
  1. UASM will notify the UAS Coordinator when UAS >55 lbs will be utilized. 
  2. UASM will email completed SGI form to UAS Coordinator.
  3. UAS Coordinator will email SGI form and the DOI/FAA BVLOS MOA to SOSC.
  4. UAS Coordinator will add the text "This is an A-COA request" to the SOSC email.
Intentions must be clearly communicated to avoid confusion.
Contact the UAS coordinator if you need additional information.