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Welcome to the Interagency Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Website.

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Welcome to the Interagency UAS Website

This website is intended to provide operational knowledge primarily for interagency fire UAS operations.  Department level information, such as 2U reports, pilot qualifications, and aircraft information is available via a Sharepoint site maintained by OAS.   


(current as of 04/07/2023)

  • *NEW* 04/07/2023:  Updated COAs.  New DOI and USFS COAs have been released.  

  • 12/2/2022:  Updated OPM-11 for DOI use of UAS.  Updated DOI Guidance for UAS Operations, effective 12/2/2022 through 12/31/2023.

  • 10/21/2022:  Updated DOI UAS Operations and Procurement Policy.  Updated DOI Guidance for the use of UAS for non-incidents.  

  • 9/21/2022:  Updated guidance on ELOS/BVLOS Certification.  An explanation is available on the Qualification and Certification Process page under the Training tab.   

Interagency UAS Operations


  • Safely, effectively, and efficiently employ UAS in support of resource program, or incident management objectives.


  • Develop UAS operations capacity through standard safety, training, flight, data collection, data processing, and project management processes.
  • Develop a contract program (data and flight), which supports incident and resource management objectives.


UAS can positively impact every resource program by utilizing state of the art equipment. UAS derived data and imagery empowers scientists, incident personnel, and senior leaders to make informed decisions based on precise and real-time information. Data gathered from UAS is unique due to the ability of the aircraft to fly low, slow, and for long periods of time while collecting high-resolution imagery and sub-centimeter data.